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Internet & Marketing Services for Real Estate Professionals and Local-Small-Businesses

Our Core Team: George Fanucci, Michael DeMarquez, Kristin Hayes-Reppucci, Josh Thomas, Erica Meitz, et. al.


♦    Realty Systems Integrated    ♦

AgentAchieve - PropertyMinder - TeraBitz - CoreFact - RealAgile - TopProducer
... migration & integration services ...

AgentAcheive contacts data into Google Apps (Gmail) ...  MS-Outlook ...  Outlook-Web-Access (OWA)

•  Data Migration: Buyer/Seller Toolkit Contacts, Email Contacts ... into TeraBitz ... CoreFact ... Gmail ... MS-Outlook ...

•  Convert web pages into TeraBitz ... CoreFact ...  custom HTML/CSS ...

Intero Agent users... the clock is ticking:
 migrate your web-presence, domain-names, website-content, contacts, emails and campaigns

from AgentAchieve to

 Google Apps (Gmail under your own domain-name), Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA),

TeraBitz, CoreFact, RealAgile, and/or your custom websites.

OWA  |  TB

♦    Internet and Print Marketing Solutions    ♦

Establishing and Enhancing Your Personal Branding and Professional Image

... Your Internet Domain Names, Registration, DNS, Web-hosting, e-Mail hosting ...

... Blogging/ Blogs, Social-Networking, Listing Promotion and Syndication ...

... Newsletters, Copy-Editing, Flyers, Pre-Listing Packages ...

... Custom Web Pages, Web-SEO Services, Craigs List Ads, Email Campaigns ...

... Web-Traffic Generation and Statistics: Tracking Results, Tuning Your Marketing Campaigns ...

      Google, Yahoo, CraigsList, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, ... and similar web resources provide some essential, powerful capabilities, and we would enjoy sharing our expert knowledge for your benefit.  We have extensive experience wielding these tools to improve the web presence for small businesses and real estate agents over the past five years.      

T. L. C. for your web-presence

Collaborate at work with Google Apps Team Edition - we can help set it all up for you
George Fanucci, the fanucci group

  We help you achieve your business vision through effective workflow processes, systems, and tools. ℠
Imagine the possibilities... we will improve your web presence, workflow processes, tools, and systems to help you eclipse your competition!

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We adapt our services to your specific objectives and needs

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